Grout Color Seal Ideas and How to Update Your Tile and Room:

We can match any paint color in the world
We can match any paint color in the world

It’s easy to forget that the color of your grout is just as important as as the look and style of your tile. According to Carrie Waller of “Lifestyle & Crafting Blog” “Grout has the unique power to make an otherwise boring tile really pop in a space”.

Many times you can transform the look of your outdated tile and even change the look of an entire room and make old tile really pop by changing the color of the old outdated grout.

Not only can you save yourself hundreds and even thousands of dollars tearing out and replacing old outdated tile and grout; you save not turning your home into a construction zone days on end.

Surface Genie can change the whole look and feel of your worn outdated dirty caulk giving your tile a whole new look. It’s as easy as picking up a free grout color sample at Lowes or Home Depot taking them home and testing the samples against your existing tile in the room you want to update!

The color sample sheets show a true to life printed block of color for each grout color option provided by the manufacturer. Take the color sheet home and look at the grout color options in your specific room. This way you can choose based on the lighting, fixtures, furnishings, wall color etc….

Its Important to keep in mind your not only updating and changing the color of your grout, your sealing it to prevent any future staining and soiling! Call us today to schedule a Free Quotation!