Greenville, S.C. Bathtub Refinishing: Why Surface Genie is the Right Choice

Remodeling your bathroom can put a kink in your routines.  I will work with you to schedule the best day for your refinishing project. Usually, a  bathtub can be completed in one day and a bathtub and tile surround in up to 2.5 days. Most fiberglass showers will take 1 day to complete.

All customers receive a fair price for excellent work with no add-ons at the end. You are given a quote, not an estimate and there are no extra charges added at the end of the job.

You can tell the difference between a high-gloss finish and a mediocre job right away. What you won’t notice right away from a mediocre job is; that it will gradually dull and peel over time. Very important steps need to be taken by the technician refinishing your bathtub. If steps are skipped or shortcuts are taken, it will result in a poor quality job. This is why I insist on doing the work myself from start to finish.

The Bathtub Refinishing Process:

1. Upon arrival the bathtub or surface being refinished is cleaned and old caulking removed. It is extremely important that the cleaning and preparation is done properly or your coating will fail and peel over time.

2. The shower and bath hardware are all protected during the bathtub refinishing process. If you plan on replacing the hardware, it’s best to have it removed prior to my arrival. Do not install new hardware before refinishing.

3. Areas not being sprayed such as vanities, fixtures, mirrors etc…are protected with plastic so you can rest assured extra care is being used in protecting your home during this process.)

4. Ventilation is set up either from a window in the bathroom or by using a long vent tube which terminates outside the home. I cannot use windows which are too small or located directly over a bathtub being refinished.

5. Chemicals are mixed and two coats of primer are applied using HVLP technology.

6. After fifteen minutes, four coats of topcoat are applied leaving a total of six coats. Some companies claim the bathtub reglazing process requires many more coats. If they are being honest, they’re not following any manufacturers’ recommendations Likely they are using an inferior product and/or poor spray technique.

7. Most (if not all) paper and tape used for masking, is removed after refinishing your bathtub. Sometimes it is not possible to remove all the tape and masking material due to the coating still being wet. In this case it should remain in-place for 24 hours.

8. After 24 hours and before you use your tub, make sure the caulking between the tub and tile or surround is fully cured (dry) and solid before use.


I have tried just about every bathtub refinishing coating and primer available! Including the environmentally friendly low odor green coatings, wipe on primers and bonding agents.

Some bathtub refinishing companies promote the green bathtub refinishing coatings as a superior product. The truth is these coatings and primers do not have good adhesion properties and will deteriorate and peel over time. If a bathtub refinishing company tells you differently they assume you will move out of your home or won’t be around when the warranty runs out!

Before & After Bathtub Refinishing Projects